Writing What Matters Most

It’s good to sit back and assess your work sometimes. Not the book you’re writing now, but your work as a whole. It’s helpful to know who you are as a writer, what themes keep recurring, because it will reveal what matters most to you. Even though I hope to profit from my writing one day, that’s not the main reason I write. A big part of why I write is self-discovery. And it’s true for more than just my fiction–or it should be.

For most of us, blogging and social media don’t come naturally, so we need to think about what theme or focus our efforts should have if it’s something we want to do. But it needs to be something we want to write about, talk about. That’s why identifying what matters to you  can help you find your place online. For me, the most natural place to start is with my fiction writing, which is my first love.

Beauty is not always what it seems. This is the underlying theme in all my fantasy writing–in my shelved novels, in my current projects, in the short fiction I’ve published. Sometimes it’s more direct than others, but it’s there all the same. It’s something I care about exploring, and when we try to connect with other writers and readers online, we should do it by discussing the things we’re passionate about.

I want to twist things over and see their other sides. I want to write fiction about these things, and I realize now that I like to blog about these things, too (and find them on Pinterest, of course, because I’m a total junkie). What matters to you, my writer friends? It’s always interesting to see what recurring themes crop up in other people’s writing. I look for these things when I read multiple books from an author. I find that the authors I love best are those with recurring themes that matter to me, too.

It’s easy–for me, at least–to feel uncomfortable blogging and on social media. At first glance, it seems so different from writing fiction, which is where I am most comfortable. But I’m slowly taking a new approach to how I tackle online writing. Because I figure if I’m going to spend time writing anything, I might as well write what matters. Why waste time on what does not?