When I was five, I wanted to be a paleontologist, a ballerina, an actress, and an artist. When I was six, I discovered that in a book, I could be all of them–anything I wanted to be. Ever since then, I dreamed of being an author. Because when you write books, you create magic.

Thus, the place where I write is my magic workshop, which makes this my magic water cooler–it’s one of the places where I like to hang out and talk about writing and books! I write fantasy with romantic elements, and I’m in the process of revising The Glass Rose, a loosely Cinderella-inspired story set in a strange Midwestern city in 1919.

Please do stop by the blog and say hi. Here’s the latest news and updates:

Social media update from 9/17/14: Attempting to keep social media accounts under both my pen names has proven to be a ridiculous idea for me right now. I’m back to being just plain old Katie, but I’ve saved my favorite pins from my now-deleted MKV boards and will be distributing them on my remaining Pinterest account over the next week or so. If you’re into novelty t-shirts, I have a bunch of fun pins to share!

Site update from 5/23/14: I’ve moved the blog to Where Worlds Collide, the portal site for both my pen names. When you click “blog” in the menu, it will take you straight there, but all my past posts are staying on this site and can be accessed from the archives on the sidebar.

Site update from 5/17/14: I finally updated my writing page with a synopsis of The Glass Rose! And yes, the site got a face-lift. Pretty new graphics! Let me know what you think! There’s also a new link on the sidebar which leads to a “portal site” for both my pen names.

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